Welcome to The Animal Hospital of Celina

Celina Vet Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital and veterinary clinic that serves both dogs and cats. Our clinic was established in 2004 and has since grown to include most every service that a dog or cat would need throughout their lifetime, such as medical, surgical and dental care. We also offer Celina dog grooming and boarding as well as an in-house pharmacy for fast and efficient medications and refills.

Services Offered to Dogs and Cats

The services that our Celina vet hospital offers are:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Laboratory services
  • Annual exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgery
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Routine dental care
  • Geriatric care
  • Cancer care
  • Dog grooming + cat grooming
  • Celina dog boarding + cat grooming
  • In-house pharmacy

Emergency Care

Our Celina vet wants you to count on us for all of your pet’s needs, so it’s very important for us to have a strong rapport with our clients – human and furry ones! We want you to know that you can turn to us for anything, whether it’s a routine exam or something more serious.

For instance, our Celina animal hospital offers emergency care for cats and dogs. Emergency visits are offered during our normal clinic hours, so if your pet is faced with a dire situation, bring them in immediately. The fact that you will be served by the same vet and technicians that you’re used to, and in an environment that your pet is comfortable with, eases much of the tension. You know what to expect, and so does your pet.

Boarding and Grooming

Fortunately, most pets have long, healthy lives, and we want to be there through all of your pet’s milestones. From kitty or puppy to senior pet, our Celina vet hospital is here to serve you. When you travel, you’ll appreciate our boarding services provided by our caring and trained staff. Our boarding area is bright, clean and spacious, and your dog will get plenty of attention and time to be outside.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re an animal hospital too in case your pet gets sick while your away.

Our grooming services are equally superior. We keep our furry friends comfortable, and our groomers are patient and gentle. If you have any special requests, let us know and we will provide your pet with the specialized care and attention they deserve.

Cutting-Edge Care

Celina Animal Hospital is always on the verge of cutting-edge care and diagnostic testing. Our vet clinic in Celina TX is committed to the health and wellness of cats and dogs, which is why we are always looking for the latest technology that can help us better diagnose pets and provide them with the innovative care and treatment they deserve. That’s why more Celina pet owners are choosing our animal hospital for their precious pets. They know they will get the best both today and tomorrow.

Schedule your appointment with one of our Celina vets today; Dr. Stead or Dr. Cozort are here to help you and your pets.