Pet Grooming Services in Celina

Groomed pets are happy pets! At a minimum, we groom our pets weekly. If you do not always have the time or patience to groom your pet, our veterinary team at the Animal Hospital of Celina is ready to help. Serving pet owners within and beyond Celina, TX, we are a full-service animal hospital offering routine pet care, emergency care, grooming, and boarding. 


Do You Groom Your Pet?

Regular grooming is excellent for your pet. A survey found that 80 percent of pet owners feel good when their pets look good. Are you one of them? You can groom your pet every day as she sits on your lap. Take the time to inspect her fur as you brush down and relax her. And if she tolerates a bath, wash and dry her every four weeks or so. 

Cat Grooming

Cats spend most of their days grooming themselves, but there’s one thing they can’t do by themselves: untangling knots. If you don’t brush your long-haired cat regularly, the fur tangles (forming matts), which pulls against your cat’s skin. It’s uncomfortable and painful sometimes. 

If your cat has severe matts, you can untangle them slowly every day as you pet her. Hold the hairs as you pull them apart to minimize pain. If the matts prove impossible to untangle painlessly, a vet can clip out the matts in one session. 

Why Groom Your Cat?

  • A clean, soft, shiny fur that smells good.
  • Discover underlying skin problems and injuries.
  • Remove bugs and their eggs hiding in the fur.
  • Remove dead hairs with firm brushing.

Dog Grooming

Similar to cats, long-haired dogs demand more brushing to untangle matted hair.

Why Groom Your Dog?

  • To inspect the fur and skin for infections, bugs, and injuries.
  • Groomed dogs smell and look good.
  • Brush down to remove dead and excessive hairs. It will control shedding and matts.

What You Can Do

Start grooming your pet while she is still young. Also, massage your pet all over. It makes her more receptive to grooming sessions when you have to reach between the toes or around your animal’s sanitary areas.  

If you have not groomed your pet before, stick to basic grooming procedures, like brushing and bathing. Leave advanced procedures like expressing anal glands, trimming nails, and clipping matts to our veterinarian. 

You don’t ever need to force your pet to take a bath or sit still for a shave. Let your pet adjust and trust the process by introducing new things slowly and patiently. With the right grooming equipment for your pet’s fur, your pet will learn to love the process.

Contact Our Vet at The Animal Hospital of Celina, TX, for Pet Grooming

If you face any challenges grooming your pet, speak to one of our compassionate vets. Wherever you are in Celina, we will help you. Call today at (972) 382-4433.


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