Geriatric Pet Care

The type of care your pet needs differs depending on its lifestyle, breed, age, and more. Older pets especially need specific care. At The Animal Hospital of Celina in Celina, TX, our veterinarian provides senior pet care and will give you advice on how to care for your older pets. Here are some tips to get you started.

Geriatric Pet Care

Watch Your Pet’s Weight

Older pets are often not as playful as younger pets and want to snooze more often. Since they are not as active, they burn fewer calories. This makes them more prone to putting on weight than younger pets. Overweight animals are more prone to health problems, like heart disease and fatty lumps. Talk to our veterinarian about what kind of diet is best for your older pet.

Keep Up with Regular Check-Ups

As pets get older, they may hide any symptoms of being sick. Pet owners may notice a change of behavior, fur loss, or loss of appetite, which can be signs of illness. Getting annual check-ups helps identify any health problems. Many illnesses and ailments can be successfully treated if caught early enough.

Monitor Your Pet’s Skin

Give your pet a good brushing or combing every day. If your pet is not too fond of this, at least pet your animal often so you can check for any new lump, bump, scratch, or bald patch. Although it is normal for many species of pets, like dogs, cats, and rabbits, to grow fatty lumps when older, they still should be checked out by our veterinarian.

Keep a Routine

Although all animals have different personalities, in general, older animals cannot deal with stress like younger animals can. Too much stress hurts their immune system and may make them more prone to getting sick. If possible, stick to a daily routine so your senior pet knows what to expect. Avoid making huge changes in the pet’s life, such as rearranging the furniture.

Keep Up with Regular Exercise

Although your senior pet may not be as active as it once was, it’s important that your pet gets some activity every day. This keeps it from getting bored, helps it maintain a good weight, and helps keep your pet’s limbs stay flexible and keep its muscles strong. Avoid having your pet exercise on very hot days, as it might get heat stroke. Let our veterinarian know if your pet cannot tolerate much exercise any more, as this may be a sign of illness.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Celina, TX for Senior Pet Care

If you have an older pet, it may need specialized care. At The Animal Hospital of Celina in Celina, TX, our vet provides geriatric pet care and will guide you on how to care for your pet at home. It is vital that your pet gets routine checkups so we can catch any health problems early. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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